The Four Levels of Preaching Consultation

1) Crafting the One Homily: Preaching for an Encounter with Jesus Christ

Private consultation for the one homily that the homilist wants to be his finest effort to bring the assembly into an encounter with God: Christmas, Easter, Confirmation, Wedding, Bishop’s visit, Convocation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, First Mass, or any other occasion.

 2) Personal Coaching: Preacher as Icon

The process of having a preaching coach is similar to that of having a spiritual director or a physical trainer. It includes ongoing private consultation between the coach and the homilist. The process begins with personal self-assessment and goal-setting and the coach’s evaluation of the preaching. Then as an ongoing collaboration, the homilist and coach work together toward those goals through homily critique, ongoing evaluation, and suggestions for reading and learning. The development of local parish preaching support groups and monthly discussion/planning/feedback of preaching complement the process through the local community. The time commitment can vary according to the needs and desires of the preacher, but it is usually a once-per-month interaction between homilist and coach.

 3) Parish Consultation: Preaching within a Support Community

Ongoing consultation between preaching consultant and parish staff: includes self-assessment and goal-setting for all of the preachers in a parish; consultant assessment and ongoing evaluation of each preacher; lector training to foster an encounter with the Word; and the development of parish structures for ongoing lectionary discussion and preaching feedback.

4) The CONNECT Process: Building Parish Renewal through Sunday Preaching

In addition to the parish consultation described in 3) above, the CONNECT process incorporates the voice of the parish into a renewal process of assessment, input, feedback, and prayer for parish renewal through preaching; preaching preparation teams of: a) youth; b) pastoral staff and volunteers in pastoral ministries; and c) catechetical leaders and catechists. See more here.

Ongoing yearly assessment will continue the process and suggest areas for growth in discipleship through the Sunday preaching.