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Our Goal

To strengthen and energize leaders in ministry; to help you to connect — with your people, with those who are far from faith, and with God.

How do we do this?

Ministerial and formation programs struggle to improve.  Why? Because sometimes we work from a limited set of voices, from anecdotal evidence, and out of wishful thinking. For the glory of God, together we can do better than that.

How can you connect better? Strengthening connection comes from a careful assessment of where you are – both strengths and weaknesses. This is followed by a prayer-filled envisioning of where God calls you to be and then the setting of goals to get there. This process works on a personal level, for a parish or congregation, for a diocese or district, as well as at national and international levels. Our consulting practice focuses on research and goal-setting in these ministerial situations.

But ministry is not simply a utilitarian pursuit of “what works.” Those who minister to the people of God paint an icon by the way that they invest their lives, compose their words, and bodily express them. As a priest, deacon, pastor, minister, or lay leader, you cannot “get out of the way”. You are the way. Therefore the quality of your connection with God influences all that you do. We can work with you on that also. The spirit of prayer  undergirds the ventures that we undertake together.

Who are we?

We are a consortium of lay people whose passion is to renew the Church. To renew the faith, we must revitalize the encounter of preaching. Efforts in the “new evangelization” must be founded on solid research. Without prayer, we chase after wind. Preaching, evangelization, and prayer – this is our focus. Our consultants bring a fresh voice to the table with energy, enthusiasm, and a wealth of practical life experience.